Some pictures from our vacations

2011 Rouen, Fr - Spot where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake

2010 Giza, Egypt

2007 Remains of German bunker atop Point du Hoc, Normandy France
American Rangers scaled the Point du Hoc cliffs to capture a German stronghold on D-Day

2006 Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie

2006 Visiting Mendenhall Glacier on Alaska Cruise

2002 Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in background

1992 Paris - Eiffel Tower

1988 England - Stonehenge

2011 Cathrine's Palace in Puskin, Russia

2010 Acropolis in Athens

2007 Outside Blarney Castle - Ireland

2006 Berlin - The Fuhrerbunker - A few feet away from where Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide

2005 Passing Cabo on way to Panama Canal

2002 Isle of Capri

1992 Rome - Colloseum

1988 Tower Hill, London - Execution site - where "common" criminals were publicly hung or got the axe. Royalty and other important people received the honor of being beheaded inside the Tower.

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